DuBois Paving Company is a family-owned and operated business since 1988.  Rick and Rob DuBois, as active owners in the company, have created a successful business by building strong relationships with professional management companies, commercial and industrial clients as well as homeowners associations.  In addition, our sales team, office staff, and production crews work with our clients during every phase of the project - from paving to sealcoating. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide you with a variety of services to properly maintain all of the pavement areas of your property.

Our sales force includes Richard DuBois, Matt Serna, Michele DuBois, Phil Bengsten and, Jason Croswhite.  We work directly with the management agents including facility managers, property managers, maintenance engineers, owners and directors to personally complete all estimates, long-range studies, phasing programs and on-site property inspections.  Any one of our sales team is able to assist with your pavement service request. 

Our production group is lead by Robert DuBois.  Together with over 350 years of experience, each member of the team performs a specific duty to deliver a superior finished product for each project. Our Concrete division, lead by. Matt Serna, brings an established production group with over 245 years of experience to continue servicing our newest division.

The inside of our business is directed by Vice President of Operations, Julie Galto.  Administrative assistance and customer service are directed by Office Manager, Jennie Croswhite and Administrative Assistant Jessica McPeak.  Marketing is directed by Michele DuBois.  

In working with DuBois Paving you will find that we are not overly regimented.  Everyone understands their role but is willing to help out and do whatever is necessary to assist the customer and complete each job.

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